Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 5 Review: My Own Steel

Tanjiro’s final selection exam has been off to a rough start. First night in, and he’s already had to defeat a super overpowered demon. But with six more days to go, Tanjiro will need all his grit and determination to get through this test. Let’s see if he can rise to the challenge!


The super demon has been defeated, but Tanjiro can’t rest yet. He has a whole mountain full of demons to get through. Throughout the next week, he asks every demon he comes into contact with about a cure. Of course, they’re all too busy trying to kill him to answer. Once the test comes to its end, only four survivors remain. The new Demon Slayer Merch are given uniforms, a sword, and their first assignments.

Episode Highlights

Tanjiro’s Kindness Strikes Again: After the super demon was cut down, there wasn’t any cheering or smiles on Tanjiro’s part. His face looked so sad, both for Urokodaki’s students and the demon itself. A short moment, which again emphasized on what a compassionate character Tanjiro is.

Someone Needs Anger Management: Ooof scar guy has a real attitude problem, and I am not having it. I suppose he’s meant to be an unlikeable character, and if that’s what they’re going for, they definitely achieved it. Props to Tanjiro for following through on his threat. Another moment that showed how much Tanjiro has grown. He’s no longer wishy washy and unable to act. He’s a kind boy, but he knows when to be firm and dish out the pain.

Five Survivors?: In a short scene, a mysterious man with a rather snazzy looking crow says how happy he is that there were five survivors of the examination. However, we only saw four. Our precious Tanjiro, the scar guy, blonde guy, and the girl. Perhaps there was another survivor in the woods who was a bit shy?

A Crow For Everyone but You: I can’t wait to see why our nervous young friend was the only one out of the four to get a sparrow instead of a crow. Although, truth be told, I was a little horrified by the crow when it started speaking. I think I’d much prefer a sparrow’s sweet voice than that harsh squawking.

Nezuko!: Yay, I’m so happy that Nezuko has woken up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who got teary when she ran to hug Tanjiro. If you didn’t cry then, I’m sure you cried when Urokodaki hugged both of them! It’s important to note that Urokodaki said that Nezuko was sleeping so long to recover her strength rather than eating people. This could be an important issue later on. What if Nezuko gets into a massive fight and needs to sleep for another two years, or worse yet five years!?

Themes & Trivia

Hyottoko Mask: In this episode, we’re introduced to a new character and a new mask. Haganezuka, the forger of Tanjiro’s sword, wears a Hyottoko (火男) mask. Hyottoko is characterized by puckered lips and a mouth to the side. In festivals, dancers who play the role of a clown wear this mask.