The Basics of Alexandrite – Getting an Alexandrite Ring

Alexandrite ring value is determined by the kind of alexandrite set in it. But what are alexandrites to start with? They are varieties of the chrysoberyl stones, featuring characteristic surfaces and layers that change color when viewed in different angles.

Named after the Czar Alexander II, alexandrites can be found in Brazil, Myanmar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar. Aside from their beauty, alexandrites are also considered to have healing and mystical powers, believed to aid in fighting low self-esteem, improving processes in the central nervous system, and getting rid of pancreatic and spleen problems. A lot of people also believe that they are good omens because they enhance abilities, provide joy, center the self, and reinforce self-esteem. To learn more about an alexandrite ring value, take note of the different kinds of alexandrites.

Kinds of alexandrites

Natural alexandrites are the rarest. They feature rough facet grades in varying colors and have density levels at 3.73 and hardness at 8.5. A color change corundum synthetic alexandrite, on the other hand, is created by flame fusion, a combination of powdered elements fused together using hot oxy-hydrogen flame in order to melt then crystallize successive layers. They are also easy to grow and yet don’t cost a lot and feature better colors than their natural counterparts. As for alexandrite doublets, they are made to look like one gemstone although they are the combination of two elements, usually mixtures of synthetic, simulate, or natural substances. They are the ideal substitutes for natural alexandrites since they offer excellent color changes.

Buying alexandrite: a quick tip

If you feel that you can’t afford the alexandrite ring value, don’t worry. You can always opt for the synthetic ones since they feature just-as-brilliant color changes as natural alexandrites without the same price tag.

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