Three Reasons to Have a Generator at a Wedding

Planning a wedding can take up a lot of time, depending on the needs, wants, and perhaps most importantly, the budget of the bride and the groom. But while so much emphasis is put on the look of the big day, with everything from the clothes, the flowers, the food, the drinks and the crockery all being planned meticulously, the basic aspects of the day, like the power sources often get overlooked. While this may sound odd, weddings do use a lot of power throughout the day, and here are three reasons why they do this.

The Live Band
No wedding is complete without a live band playing some of the bride and groom’s favourite songs. But live bands, with lighting, sound equipment, microphones, speakers and instruments, use up a lot of energy, especially if a large band of musicians is playing. DJs can also use up a lot of energy, whether they’re using decks or a laptop. Without electricity, a band and even a DJ will not be able to play.

The Catering
Whether you’re having a wedding at a hotel, a function room at a beautiful building or a religious building, you will need to have power for the kitchen at the venue, so that the caterers can create the perfect wedding meal, and make sure it’s prepared on time. Having a blackout while cooking is not only an inconvenience, but it’s also dangerous, as a sudden loss of power will lead to the loss of lighting, which in the kitchen can be particularly dangerous, due to naked flame, and the number of obstacles and sharp objects in the room.

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