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Simple Fitness Workouts – Gaining Muscle Doesn’t Have to Be Complex (Even If it Seems That Way)

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There is one simple rule when it comes to workout routines to gain muscle, or lose weight for that matter. That rule is to change your routine up every couple of weeks. Now that does not mean do anything drastic.

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Let’s say for the last 3 weeks you’ve been doing your crunches diligently but now its WAY to easy and you can do 200 without breaking a sweat. What do you do? Well that’s easy change it up! Add a weight plate, does not have to be heavy, 10lbs, or 25lbs if your daring. Or change to a crunch machine (sometimes they take a little getting used to). The point is add some resistance or change your position.

The new exercise with some weight, a ball, a resistance band, whatever you choose will force your body to use different muscle to adjust to the new routine. It should be good for about another 3 weeks or so then you can go back to your original crunches or find something new.

This works for any part of your body, if your doing curls for your biceps change to a hammer curl or machine curl if your using free weights. Try resistance bands anything. Your goal is not to make it complex just a slight change of routine can make a huge difference.

Cardio is almost the same way, but a lot easier to change up. Do you do a lot of jogging to lose weight? Well throw a sprint in their for 30 seconds, or try run/walking. Alternatively you could use a bike, roller blades, jump rope, anything.

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