Teens, Steroids & Athletes

The ever-increasing competitiveness of today’s sports in high school, and after school, is extremely difficult on today’s teenage athletes. In the search to get any extra edge over their competitors, more and more teens are turning to the use of steroids Gw 501516 for sale.

Steroids are artificially made male sex hormones. They can be ingested as pills, or injected directly into the body. For athletes they have only one benefit, which is the accelerated development of muscle tissue. The other results of using steroids are numerous and extremely dangerous. Even though symptoms may not be immediately apparent, steroid use can be fatal in either the short term or long term. Symptoms include high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, and damage to the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system. Steroids dramatically increase the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes, even years after use of the drug has been discontinued.

Other symptoms of steroid use include increased aggression, unusual sex drive, oily skin, pronounced acne, jaundice, and balding SR 9009 for sale. For girls, steroids produce facial and body hair, enlarged genitals, enlarged Adam’s apple, and a deeper, masculine voice – symptoms which seldom go away.

While steroids are certainly dangerous for anyone, they are especially dangerous for adolescents whose bodies have yet to fully develop. Increased testosterone levels are the body’s “off switch”, instructing the body to stop growing Where Can I Get SARMs Online. Teens using steroids will never achieve their normal adult height. Well below death and disease, being short is also something that is seldom a benefit in a professional sports career.